July 20th, 2003


Big Freakin' Loser

Some of you who check on me regularly may have noticed my journal disappeared. i'm not gone, nor is the journal. It's just hidden away for now. I'm sure it will reappear sometime soon.

This summer has been amazing. Mom being home has totally screwed up my routine, but i did at least get back to Curves this last week.

i got a new fish to replace Major Charlie Bubbles. This one, i think, is named Max...though i have called him Jaws a time or two. i also got a turtle. Well, i got two but one is going home with my nephew on Tuesday, so i haven;t named mine just yet. i have to say, though, i *love* having a turtle. It's awesome.

i've been sicker than a dog the last few days, even praying for death today. i have some sort of virus and it has totally fucked my digestoive system and every muscle in my body seizes up occasionally and i hurt all over. i'll be glad when it passes.

Lots of news to share, but not now since my tummy is rolling and i need some sleep. For now, though, i just wanted to say "Hi. i'm alive and well." i'm going to OKC with my mom on wednesday (if she doesn't end up coming down with this), so i'll be gone for a week. That should be fun.

Okay, sleep time. i feel like a four year old...a sure sign that i'm exhausted.