August 18th, 2003


She's ALIVE!!!!

i swear i am still alive...just way too busy for my own good. Now that mom is back in school, though, life should slow down some and i want to get back to the things i used to keeping this journal and all the other stuff i blather about on a regular basis.

Thursday is my one year visit with my surgeon and i'm nervous about it. i know that i have not been doing what i should be doing, but all i can do is go forward i guess. i do want to get back into the whole curves routine again and eating better. i'm ready for these bodacious hips and ass to do some shrinking. it's way weird to wear a 40C bra but still need a 28 - 30 pants. Stupid. If i could get to the point where my waist down body was proportionate to my waist up body, i would probably be happy, though i really don't even want to stop there.

i just put an ad on the Quest website and got the Dallas number. It worked in Houston...i'll have to see what Dallas has to offer.

i saw a news story last night on 60 minutes (or something like that) that a woman's biological clock runs out at about 35. Kind of made me start thinking if i *really* don't want kids or not. i mean, even before when i would say "oh no, no kids for me," i still had in the back of my mind that if i changed my mind someday, there would always be time. 3 years isn't much time, though. Makes me a little nervous and makes me wonder if i made the right decision.

i'm going to go try to learn how to knit.