November 5th, 2003



Okay, so i have a new "love interest." We met on a dating chat line quite a while ago...maybe 6 weeks or so. We've been talking almost every day since then, and in the course of all this, we've discovered many similarities...mainly, he's dominant and i'm subbie. Well, as we've talked and gotten to know each other, he's taken more and more control. i won't outline every single detail of it all here, but it's good so far...i'm loving how it's progressing and how i feel in it all. We met for the first time monday. Unfortunately it was a very short meeting, but we're planning to meet again and i'm going to ask him if i may submit to him at that meeting. Yay me. He's really great, too. All his ideas on how a relationship like this should work match mine...its wonderful. He's so attentive, too...calls me a few times a day on days he can. He even calls me when he's traveling. Mind blowing...i love it.

Otherwise, things are good. We had a blast at the wedding...i adore flying. i talked to my friend B and she invited me to come see her in Seattle, so i may be going there the end of January. i'm going to do everything i can to get there, anyway.

i think i've decided to not keep the work journal anymore. It used to take me an hour or so to type in the entry for each time...and while it is fun and i like the idea of having it, spending that much time on work-related stuff after working is kind of overwhelming. i'm not 100% sure i'm going to not do it anymore, but about 75% sure. We'll see.

i am going to start a new journal, seperate from this one, all about the subbie side of me. i think that now that i have a real relationship along those that has the potential to go would benefit me a lot to keep it.

My cousin and her hubby from N.D. came down this past weekend. Mom threw me a curveball and asked me if i would mind if she told them they could stay here a little while if they moved to Texas. What am i going to say? It's her pace...i'm just a tenant. I'm not totally happy about it, though. i adore my cousin and her husband, but 4 adults in one house? And one of them a guy?? and them on the sleeper sofa in the living room??? Sheesh. i'm thinking it's getting close to time for me to move out. i told mom i could swing giving them around $400 a month for a few months to get them set up in an apartment...we'll see. They seemed like they were going to come when they left, but they might change their minds.

Okay, time to run to curves. i have a new goal of getting back to at least 3 workouts a well as doing better with my eating because i have been way out of control with it and my weight loss has slowed...and keeping this more regularly.