November 12th, 2003



It is so sticky and warm feels like may or june, only not as hot, but not as pretty. This weather reminds me of the coast, and i hated the weather there. It's been so freaky lately. It was in the 50s for the high Saturday, supposed to get up to 80 today, then the high tomorrow isn't going to reach 60. What kind of crazy mixed up mess is that??

i woke this morning after only 4 hours of sleep to no outage in our area. i tried to sleep more after making the calls to see what was going on, but i couldn't sleep. i'm in such a blah mood that i ate french fries (oven baked) for breakfast (i never eat breakfast), skipped curves, and bought chocolate. i've already eaten a few pieces. (For the chocolate lovers reading this, try Lily O'Briens...not the best, but not bad. Definitely better than American chocolate.)

Now i'm going to go make my noon call to Sir, watch Pepper Ann, snuggle with the snowman stuffed animal i got and eat a couple more chocolates (maybe...feeling ill, though). After that, it'll prolly be nap time =)

Something strange is afoot

i'm going to have to write an entire entry about my dealings with Alexis Vogel cosmetics

For the girls: the cosmetics *ROCK* but the customer service sucks. i say if you're looking for new cosmetics, give them a try, but order via the website *ONLY*

The other strange thing: i was just given a credit card with a $200 limit. Freaky. i have possibly the 365,987th worst credit report in the nation, so why anyone would give me a card is beyond me. Who cares, though. Now i have an emergency card...i need it if i'm going to start traveling more like i want to.

Time to go finish West Wing before mom gets home. i bought her some lovlies while i was out as a get well soon gift, so i want to be focused on her when she gets home (2 x-mas stuffed animals that i have almost talked myself into keeping because they're so huggable, a tube of lotion, a box of Guylian chocolate shells and a scrapbooking magazine).

By the way, if anyone wants to send me a teddy bear to snuggle at night while i sleep, i'll be glad to tell you where to send it. i lost the one someone special gave me a while ago, so now i have no sleepy buddy =(