November 13th, 2003



i really should go to sleep. i could use more sleep. i had decided i would go to bed relatively early tonight, but when i got off work (at 11:10 because they worked me thorugh my lunch break) i couldn't settle down and go to sleep. And nowadays i'm addicted to checking the postings on my friends page and on the subbie email lists i joined.

i did do Curves today and will tomorrow, but won't be able to again til Saturday. Mom needs to use my car for work since hers will be in the shop, which means i'm in the house every day for the rest of the week. Not bad, but not good since i'm trying to get back to working out 3 days a week.

Curry chicken rocks...and now it's time for a snack.
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**heavy, labored sigh**

my mom being home from work bothers me...a lot for some reason. she just annoys the hell out of, especially lately. i need to write a post about it.

i can't wait til she goes back to school monday.

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My computer is whacked....i've made a couple of entries today, but because the machine screwed up the date last night, they're all out of order so it looks like i'm not posting when i am.

Christmas wish list:

a teddy bear for to sleep with
a new snazzy computer
The Rock, just because (but not wrestler Rock...i want actor Rock)