November 16th, 2003


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The weirdest thing happened to me recently. i got a mail message on a talker i go to to email someone who used to be there, so i did. It was a girl i had talked with a lot and was friendly with...i had even flirted with her a lot at one point and considered owning her online when i was going through my Domme stage. Anyway, so i email her and she asks me where a certain person is...he's disappeared, it's not like him. i have no idea who she means. Come to find out, it's my ex husband. WTF?? As if i keep in touch with him or something. Give me a break.

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i forget how dramatic talker folk can be. i did write to that girl...a very long email about how i thought she was a different person online and here's my warning about my ex, blah blah she's mad at me for accusing her of lying to me. *sigh* All i was trying to do was warn her off him, telling her his patterns and what's going on with him, most likely, and she took it all the wrong way. Now i remember why i tend to stay away from talkers.

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i'm thinking i may want to start a journal just for my D/s musings. i mean, it wouldn't completely exorcise the D/s stuff from this one, but it would let me feel a little more free to just let the stuff in my head and heart fly when it comes to what i'm thinking and how i'm feeling about it all. i'm finding myself holding back a little here because i don't want to offend/bore/wig out non-kinky people. i already have this journal, my work journal, i've thought about a crafts journal, too. Sheesh....i tend to go a bit overboard.

Recipe help!

i made some thai curry soup (from a "kit") because i was told how yummy thai curry is. It was really good....i'm salivating at the idea at how much more yummy it would be if it were the real thing.

However, a dilemma: now i have a can (minus half a cup) of coconut milk i have no clue what to dow ith. Anyone have any good recipes calling for coconut milk? The spicier the better =) Oh, and i live in podunkville, so exotic ingredients are not available to me =( (It's almost impossible to find good cajun ingredients here, let alone yummy "world" ingredients)

No surprise

i hate quizzes these days...posting results anyway...but this was too true =)

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