Lauren (laurenybeth) wrote,

Burned tongues suck!

i made homemade chicken soup for mom because she has the flu. i love cooking and miss it sometimes. However, i heated some for my "lunch" tonight and tried eating it when it was too hot...ouch!

i told B about my new "man" (who is also a B, coincidentally). She asked me some things about the whole situation that i hadn't thought to ask, so i just emailed him and asked if we could have a chat about them. i just want to make sure i don't fuck up again in a relationship by getting into something wrong too fast.

Work is dragging tonight and i am so ready for it to be over. i was going to go to the movie tomorrow, but i think i'm going to be too i have to take mom to get her car from the shop then run her grades to her school (half an hour one way) since she's staying home again tomorrow. i get so tired of taking care of her sometimes.

i got the weirdest news this morning. A girl i was friends with when i was younger died. She was about 2 years older than me. We don't know the details, but she went in for some surgery and had a heart attack while on the table and died...sheesh. What's really bad is her sister who was my age died of a ruptured anurism about 2 years ago. i feel so sorry for their mom.

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