Lauren (laurenybeth) wrote,

Radio made me cry...i loved it

i had a great day yesterday, except that i was alone. The only thing that could have made it better was by sharing it with someone.

i just stayed up from work because i didn't get off til 5:20 and mom was already up, so i made coffee and breakfast for her and chatted a bit while she got ready for work. After she left, i did nap for about 45 minutes in the recliner (i only get to sit in the recliner when she is away or in the shower or sleeping). When i woke up, i put a chicken in the crock pot, got dressed and left. i drove to tyler and checked out what movies were playing. i had decided to see either Radio, Beyond Borders, or Love Actually, after getting permission from Sir to go (it was such an awesome feeling asking his permission to do it). Radio was the only one playing and i had a couple of hours before it started, so i went to Target and got some things for mom to make thank you gifts for some ladies at work (a bag with biscotti, chocolate and homemade spiced tea mix...yum). i also got myself some new sleep pants since i *lived* in the 2 pair i have all weekend. i figure when it gets really cold, i'm going to need them. It was then off to starbucks where i got a non fat latte and a pumpkin scone. i smuggled them both into the movie by pouring the latte into a small thermos and stuff both it and the scone into my jacket pockets...i'm such a naughty girl. i saw that Radio started at 11:40, then Runaway Jury was at 2:05, so i called Sir and asked if i may see both...had to leave a message, though. i went ahead to Radio...

This was the most AWESOME movie...oh god, i cried like a baby through the whole thing. i'm going to try to get everyone i know to see it. It's rare that i love a movie so much that i want everyone to go...usually i just babble about it to mom or something, but this one is a must see for sure. Anyway, i did eat half a dollar hopt dog while watching...not so great...and some of my scone and sipped latte. It was so cool. The only thing, though, like i said was i was alone. It would have been so nice to have someone's hand to hold or give me a little hug at the times i was really sobbing. Well, when it ended, i called Sir and asked if i could then see Runaway Jury. We talked about 10 minutes then i went in. It was really good...not as good as some of the other Grisham-inspired movies, though. It could have been better, and i hate it when i see a movie and feel that way. Well, after the movie (in which i ate more scone and finished my latte), i went to barnes and noble just to pick up some biscotti and godiva (purr) for the gifts i mentioned earlier. i also got myself another latte (talk about addicts) and a piece of pumpkin cheesecake for me and one for mom. i've been really trying to be "good" during the week with my eating and just eat junk on the weekends, but i couldn't help it. i *love* pumpkin cheese cake...and pumpkin scones...and had anyone had pumpkin bread i would have gotten it too. Bad, bad lauren.

After that, i headed home, almost falling asleep twice behind the wheel. It is not a good idea for someone over 30 to miss 2 full nights of sleep in any 4 day period and pretend they can still function normally. i sat up with mom a while and watched some tv, but then i went to bed at 8ish...heh. i haven't been to bed that early in ages, except when ill when all bets are off. i felt like a little kid, but i just couldn't keep my eyes open. i finally got up at 10 til 9 this morning, but i feel like i could sleep some more. i probably will later. Right now it's the battle of the wills. It's rainy outside and i'm tired, so i'm having to fight with myself to get up and dressed and get to Curves and mail off some boxes. i really just want to curl up all day. i miss the days of being a kid and off of school on x-mas break, when all i did was sit around and watch movies and TV and play.

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