Lauren (laurenybeth) wrote,

Ugh...pervs, all of 'em

Okay, tonight was the boy who is so obsessed with Britney Spears it's not even funny. Every fucking call is me talking non-stop for 25-30 minutes about Britney and Halle Berry or Tyra Banks or the red-head from That &0s Show or the dark haired girl from JAG or some other celebrity...and it's always Briters and the other girl, whoever she is, get it on while he watches then they're both so overcome with lust for him that they attack him...two words for him..."yeah, right." (i have to ammend this. One night he did want christina applegate and pamela seagall as their married with children personas together. Of course, due to company restrictions, i had to make them *not* be mom and daughter, but he didn't mind. He delivered their pizza and they fucked him to pay for it *yawn*)

Also, tonight was zipper boy. This guy loves to hear a zipper. He likes to me to a busty, young schoolgirl who is always busting out of her sweaters with zippers on the front. As i'm whispering to him, he likes to me unzip and rezip a zipper (a la unzipping and rezipping by sweater and/or his pants, depending on his mood) My throat is so sore after talking to him for 115 collective minutes (in 3 seperate calls).

Then, i can't forget fag party boy. He likes me to dress him in sluttish girl clothes, make him turn on big black boys at a club, then let them have their way with him. i actually talk to lots of guys who like this fantasy (of sucking cock and/or being dressed up.) Naughty, naughty boys ;)

Mixed in with all of them were the guy who wants to beat the living shit out of his wife of over 20 years while she's gang raped by black men and the little nerd guy who likes women to be very friendly and nice to him even though they know he's jerking off.

To each his own.

Turtles actually yawn underwater...i just saw mine do it.

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