Lauren (laurenybeth) wrote,

Mom's watcing a movie i can't get into. i'm kinda restless tonight and don't know why. i think i need some more sleep, but feel like i have too much to do to go to sleep now. Of course, i ain't getting a lick of it done here in front of this machine!

i'm almost done with the little pursie for's really cute. i'm going to have to make one for myself, i think, eventually. i had thought i would get a lot of gift crafting done today, but so far the purse is it.

i went to my storage room today to look for a stocking pattern i have. It was so cool and weird and sad to see all my "stuff" in boxes and stacks with dust and cobwebs all over it. i actually cried a little as i poked through things. i miss my things.

Sir and i have had a *lot* of back and forth the last couple of days about my anklet. i'm really excited about it and excited to see what he decides on.

Oh, i'm such a moron. i locked my keys in the trunk Thursday at Wal Mart. i *always* put them on the corner of the trunk...always...while i load and unload. Well, this was after mom had been home all day, which always throws me off...but, i was also her ride from the oral surgeon and i was in a hurry to go get her since she was done for a while. When i realized what i had done, i called her to tell her. She in turn called a locksmith who called me because they couldn't make it (why they couldn't just tell her that so tshe could call someone else, i don't know). Finally the police had to come and use a slim jim to open my door. Once the door was unlocked, i popped the trunk and rescued the keys. What's bad is i had raw meat and cheese and the like in there. It didn't take long, though.

Mom talked to my cousin and her hubby this morning (the ones who are supposed to move in for a while, maybe, perhaps). They're not coming til after December, which is good. i'm not sure how we're going to handle my working situation with them here (only my mom and her sister know what i one else in the family does). Apparently i'm audible while at work *blush* i figure mom hearing me fake orgasms is repayment for me walking in on her masturbating that time and discovering her "toy" (a massager she uses to masturbate). i need to write about that toy sometime...its hilarious and embarrassing.

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