Lauren (laurenybeth) wrote,

Too farkin sad and hilarious

OKay, in an earlier post i mentioned a girl from a talker emailing me about my ex. Well, she was emailing me on behalf of someone else, so she said. Well, she mentioned his user name at the talker at first, not his real name, so i had no fucking clue who she meant. i did some research, though, and discovered who it was. Also, i "discovered" that the girl she was asking on behalf of (a girl supposedly "owned" by my ex...he's a moron and incapable of true emotion, so i doubt this "ownership") was actually her (her profile under the name i know her as and the profile of the girl she was asking on behalf of were identical...and he (the ex) mentioned her (the girl i knew) several times in his journal as the name i know her as) {CONFUSED YET??? HANG IN THERE}. So, i email her and tell her im upset that she asked me about him since i hate him and tell her i know she is the girl she's asking for, etc, and warn her about the ex. Well the girl (the one i know...i'll call her F) gets furious at me, swearing that she is not the girl she's asking on behalf of (we'll call her G), rails against the ex for half an hour, then gets pissed and huffy at me for accusing her of lying (even though i wasn't, really...just trying to warn her about the ex...(we'll call him J)...and logs off in a rage. Well, later i email her and tell her i'm sorry i fucked up...i don't care if it is or isn't you...if you say it's not, i believe you...i was just trying to help. She forgives me, assures me again she wouldn't lie to me about her identity, and all is well. Then, earlier tonight i go onto one of the talkers and try to look at the profile of G...and lo and behold, G no longer exists...Mere coincidence? i think not.

Stupid moronic over-dramatic talker people make me want to shake the living shit out of them.

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