Lauren (laurenybeth) wrote,

Kink vs. non-kink

Okay, what i'm going to do is put all kink stuff behind a cut. If you want to read it, have at it...i'm an open book. However, if you just don't give a tiny rat's hairy ass or think you'd be offended, please don't follow the cut. i think that'll work.

What's hilarious is i'm going to actually keep allthe kink posts in a seperate journal as well, just so i have them all in one spot. i'm too damn lazy to use the memories thing. Also, that way i can share *just* the kink stuff with people i want to share it with, but i don't have to show them allthe other stuff too. Some people don't need to know it all...just some.

Thai curry stuff from a kit at 4:45 am is so not a good idea...bleh.

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